November 22, 2016

Introduction To The Theme

I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me’ John 10:14

Our pastoral theme for this academic year is ‘The Good Shepherd.’ This image of Jesus as our leader, comforter and guide helps us to understand the infinite love and care that God has for each of us. The imagery of being God being a Shepherd is used several times in the scriptures; from the ‘The Lord is my Shepherd there is nothing I shall want’ to Jesus describing Himself as the Shepherd that would leave the ninety nine sheep to go out and search for the missing sheep and to bring them back to the flock.

Being a Christian means listening to the voice of the Good Shepherd. God knows us and calls us each by name. We too must know the Lord. To really ‘know’ someone, we must develop a relationship. This is done through talking and sharing with an individual. We do the same with God through sharing our lives with Him, living fully for Him and talking to Him daily through prayer.

We come to know the Good Shepherd through our parents, families, teachers and friends. We in fact become Jesus for others whenever we show compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

During this year, let us dedicate our whole school community to Jesus, our Good Shepherd, our friend, our Brother and our Saviour.

May God Bless you

Mr Gardner

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